Super Human Sports Design Challenge

Date 02 jul - 05 jul

Time 09:15 - 18:30 Place Delft

The Superhuman Sports Design Challenge is an international symposium celebrating the next generation of inventors. It is run by the International Superhuman Sports Society.

Superhuman Sports aims to create a field where people can compete overcoming limitations with technology. The focus is on improving cognitive and physical functions of the human body, creating artificial senses and reflexes to participate in sports competitions: creating and exploring new experiences with these novel senses and reflexes by augmenting old sports, designing new sports, enhancing the training, and sharing with the audience locally and remotely.

The symposium focuses on designing and inventing novel superhuman sports or augmenting existing sport games. Superhuman Sports are activities that

  • rely on technology for human augmentation to enhance a human ability,
  • involve physical fitness and skills and
  • are played for fun, competition or health reasons.

More info: superhuman-sports.org/delft/

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