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Equestrian Rein Forse Sensing System


Alex Serrarens




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For horse riders and their coaches it is extremely helpful to know how much force is used in the left and right reins during dressage and other horse riding disciplines. A sensing and real-time data-analysis system in an app can be the solution for this.

Value Proposition

With millions of Gen-Z and millenials horse riders globally, a live electronic rein coach is a much appreciated tool for fast progression in riding skills, social data sharing and sustainability of the horse's life

Revenue Model

The product is called Equine Rein Coach. The business model is based on selling the product to existing equine sports equipment sales channels and re-selling bodies worldwide. Next to that we plan to feed these channels with future (equine) products that can be digitally connected to the system. Further revenu models are special (data-) projects and customizations using the sensors.

Tooling, Methods, Data

Wireless Bluetooth Force Sensors in left and right reins, a posture sensor on the rider's body, optionally further force sensors at the stirrups. For data capturing a mobile device is required that runs an App with algorithms and data/info presentation. The App can upload this data to a cloud for futher analysis and sharing.

Expertise Knowledge

Design of (wireless) electronics, sensors, bluetooth, energy-storage and charging. Data-presentation and (Real-time) data-analysis to monitor the horse's gait, assymetry and rein tension off course. Knowledge of waterproof product, dust-free and very sturdy encapsulation of the product without deterioration of its (wireless) functions are paramount importance


There are confidential parts in this projects, which we off course do not disclose.

Big Data Factor

Extensive horse riding-load data has value for the breeders market because then they know what the loading history of a certain horse really has been. By off-line analysis of large amounts of riding horse data, new insights in horse riding physics and techniques can be found.

Organizations and People Involved

FreeSense Solutions: technology and software EquinnoLab: function evaluation and business development 3rd party: Secure data-cloud development IDEA: marketing and network

Key Success Factors

Technological succes, the system must work properly ans smoothly Economical succes, the product must be attractive to a substantial segment within the Serviceable Available Market.

Target Customer Audience

Professional, semi-professional and serious amature horse riders, initially in Europe, later to overseas regions such as US, AU, CN.

Solution Summary

We found the solution in using bluetooth smart communication, a special tension sensing technology, wireless battery charging technology and dedicated packaging technology that alltogether meet the requirements of the target market. The tension sensors can also be used in other equestrian applications such as stirrup tension sensing as well as other sports disciplines such as fitness, rowing, cycling.


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